Hod 2021

House Of Delegates 2021

We had a wealth of excellent workshops in 2021 — our first wholly virtual House of Delegates. To revisit a few — including improving patient care through legislation, Care of the LGBTQ Patient, and Membership Coordinator and Treasurer trainings — or to view them for the first time, click on videos below. Don’t miss Plenary Speaker Sara Nelson’s inspiring speech on Labor Solidarity and the Lessons of COVID, directly below.


In March of 2020, air travel was largely verboten, and the airline industry was on the verge of collapse. Using their tremendous leverage in that singular moment, the Association of Flight Attendants fought to make sure that any federal relief for the industry flowed through them—that it went to payroll and benefits for airline workers, not into corporate coffers. And they won. Sara Nelson, International President of the Association of Flight Attendants – CSA, AFL-CIO, spoke passionately about using crisis to amplify our voices and our influence—to fight forward.


Staffing Committees are what you make of them, while most of our contracts contain some language around a “Staffing Committee” the effectiveness of the committee varies from Hospital to Hospital. Come find out how a formerly ineffective committee was transformed and became a driving force in fixing staffing concerns and helping to build the Union at Crozer.

Andrew Gaffney & Peggy Malone, RN

Andrew Gaffney is a Regional Director with PASNAP. Andrew has worked at PASNAP for the last 11 years, he joined the organization in 2010 working as a Staff Representative. Working with local leaders Andrew has successfully negotiated contacts at CMC Scranton, Crozer (Nurses, Medics, Professional and Rejuvenations) Delaware County Memorial Hospital, Mercy Fitzgerald, Suburban General, Pottstown, and Eagleville. Peggy Malone is the Vice President of the Crozer Chester Nurses Association and a newly elected At-Large Member on the PASNAP Executive Board. She has been a nurse working in Critical Care and Drug and Alcohol Rehab for the last 33 years. She serves as the Co-Chair of the “Staffing and Professional Development” committee at Crozer.


This workshop will explore ways to care for an LGBTQ+ patient including, how to approach an LGBTQ+ patient, what to say and what not to say, how to be non-threatening, the history of LGBTQ+ patient treatment and current approaches to LGBTQ+ patient treatment.

Chad Newton, RN

Chad Newton has worked as a Registered Nurse at Temple Hospital since 2018. Prior to his employment at Temple, he was an RN at Kindred LTAC and a teacher in the Philadelphia School District. Chad is the author of two books: The COVID Nurse Experience and 75 Mostly Gay Poems.


It is often difficult to communicate effectively with people who seem rude, not forthcoming, dismissive, argumentative, etc. In this training, participants will learn specific strategies they can use to communicate effectively with difficult people. Participants will be given the opportunity to discuss successes and challenges they have had communicating with difficult people. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to practice the skills they are learning through role-play.

Dr. Anita Foeman & Neil Terrell, LCSW

Dr. Anita Foeman is a Professor of Communication and Media at West Chester University. She received her PhD from Temple University in 1982 in Communication with a concentration in Organizational Communication. Dr. Foeman’s scholarly work explores diversity in society including multicultural families and people. Nate Terrell, LCSW is a therapist in private practice in Mullica Hill, New Jersey. He previously worked as the Director of Counseling for the Center for Family Services; he currently provides training in schools, businesses, non-profits and government agencies on a wide variety of topics including achieving cross-cultural understanding and competence, resolving conflict, building community, eliminating bullying, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.


Just Culture is a process for evaluating errors in healthcare and other high-risk sectors and addressing the underlying causes which make errors more likely. This workshop explores basic Just Culture concepts and how winning Just Culture in your union contract can help change the game on discipline and improve patient care.

Maureen May, RN & John Campbell-Orde, Esq.

President of PASNAP since 2018 and formerly President of the Temple University Hospital Nurses Association, Maureen received her nursing degree from Saint Agnes School of Nursing in 1984. A strong patient advocate, her nursing experience includes adult critical care, Cardiac Cath/EP lab, Interventional Cardiology, PACU, Pain Management, Transfer Center Logistics Coordinator, Maternal Health and Neonatal ICU. She is a certified Just Culture Champion and has been instrumental in negotiating standard-setting contracts at Temple University Hospital. John Campbell-Orde has spent more than 13 years representing workers. After completing law school, he served as a Staff Representative and then General Counsel for a public-sector union in Ohio. More recently, he served as a Staff Representative with PASNAP, regularly working with local leaders to enforce Just Culture and challenge unfair disciplines. John currently serves as General Counsel for TAUP and outside legal counsel for PASNAP.


This workshop explores the concept of healthcare as a public good instead of a profit-making commodity, demystifies the current financing of healthcare and offers Medicare for All as the solution to our current healthcare crisis. The implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare are also discussed.

Walter Tsou, MD, MPH

Dr. Walter Tsou is a past president of the American Public Health Association and former Health Commissioner of Philadelphia. A founding member of the National Board of Public Health Examiners and a board adviser to Physicians for a National Health Program, he is an expert on health reform and healthcare financing and frequently briefs members of Congress on healthcare issues. In 2001, he was named Practitioner of the Year by the Philadelphia County Medical Society. Dr. Tsou received his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health. He holds an honorary doctorate in medical sciences from Drexel University.


David Thompson & Julia Kristan, RN

David Thompson is the Membership Coordinator for PASNAP. Julia Kristan, RN, is the Membership Chair for Einstein Nurses United.


With Pennsylvania legislators reintroducing the Patient Safety bill which mandates staffing ratios, now is the time to explore the benefits of safe staffing, how to increase our chances of passing this bill, how to best advocate for safe staffing ratios in our workplaces, communities and throughout the Commonwealth.

Tarik Khan, MSN, RN

Tarik S. Khan is the President of the Pennsylvania State Nurses Association and a Philadelphia family nurse practitioner who is completing his Ph.D. in nursing at the University of Pennsylvania. Tarik lectures on primary care for patients with developmental disabilities and health policy advocacy at the School of Nursing, and his current research focuses on improving healthcare outcomes for vulnerable populations. He currently serves as Chairperson of Enabling Minds, a non-profit in Haiti that serves children with developmental disabilities. Tarik has won several awards for his advocacy: The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Influencers of Healthcare Award, Billy Penn’s Who’s Next: Community Leader Award, and a recent citation by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for his work responding to COVID-19 response.


Ryan Melvin

Ryan is the Finance and Personnel Director for PASNAP.


Representatives from Thrive Financial


The Power and Promise of Social Media: You can use social media to tell your story, strengthen your solidarity and build your local. Plus, it’s just fun! Join us for tricks, tips and some easy to understand how-tos.

Obafemi Matti & Megan Othersen Gorman

Obafemi Matti came out of the rank-and-file membership at Temple University Hospital, becoming more involved in the union because he felt a need to stand up to the boss and for his coworkers. Later, Femi joined the PASNAP staff to dedicate himself to supporting leaders and members in building a stronger union day by day. After many years in publishing and government communications, Megan Othersen Gorman joined the PASNAP staff as Communications Specialist in June 2020—literally, the day before the Wolf Administration announced its Department of Health order to hospitals to protect workers and patients. It’s been nonstop ever since. Every person in Megan’s family is either an MD or an RN. She is neither—but she gets to use her words to push hard for frontline healthcare professionals every day. It is a good fight and a great privilege.