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PASNAP is a union of dedicated nurses and health professionals. We believe our work environment is our patients’ care environment and that our patients get the best care when we have a strong voice to advocate for them and for ourselves.

We formed our own union, the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals (PASNAP), in 2000.  We left other unions and organizations to create the union that we wanted

We have grown ever since, with other nurses and health professionals around Pennsylvania recognizing and respecting our focus on the rights and needs of bedside caregivers. We are independent — not a chapter or affiliate of any national body — so our leaders live and work right here. We are proud to be the state’s fastest growing union for nurses and health professionals.   

We win standard-setting contracts that improve work conditions for nurses and health professionals while also improving quality of care for patients. 

Chronic short staffing is a crisis for patients, who receive inadequate care, and RNs who risk their license & moral injury in unsafe conditions. We are fighting for safe staffing.
Workplace violence in healthcare has accelerated since the beginning of the pandemic. We are fighting for protections and a seat at the table.
Private equity has no place in healthcare. We are fighting to save our hospitals and our communities, and to put patients over profits, where they belong.

In addition, we use our collective strength to advocate for things like safe staffing, universal access to healthcare, and prevention of harassment and violence against healthcare workers. Our advocacy was instrumental in passing Act 102, Pennsylvania’s  ban on mandatory overtime for healthcare workers.

We encourage you to browse our website, connect with us on social media, or contact us with any questions. You can visit this page to learn more about joining PASNAP. 

In solidarity, 

Maureen May, RN
PASNAP President

THE STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: PASNAP members protest a “gag rule” during the Union’s landmark month-long strike at Temple University Hospital in 2010.